THE WORD: What is the one thing you are looking forward to this semester?

Vincent Nagore, Math

Right now, I’m just taking a break from all the math and science I do, I’m taking three music courses just to get happy, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy and I don’t put myself through a rigorous schedule.


Helen Nguyen, Undecided

I’m really excited to get my life going. I’m ready to further my education. I’m fresh out of school, and the campus is confusing. I got lost already.


Ray jay Adger, Digital Game and Simulation

What I’m most excited about is trying out new courses since this is my rst semester at Pima West. Also getting used to the campus and seeing old friends as well.


Sabrina Cereceres, Sociology

My new feminist club that I’m trying to get started, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance. It’s through the FMF, Feminist Majority Foundation, a national foundation dedicated to help women and spread equality.


Emily Gerard, Film Animation

I’m excited about taking animation classes. I just switched to Pima from UA, and I was doing computer sciences. I didn’t love it, so I wanted to make a big change. I’m super happy now, which is a lot better.

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