Letter from the editor: New challenges and a better-quality paper


It’s hard to shy away from a new challenge, no matter what it is. The euphoria of overcoming an obstacle is unrivaled by just about everything. Especially when you are overcoming these obstacles with a team that shares the same vision.

The Aztec Press is full of like-minded individuals that are all passionate about what they write and want to print quality content. The team, although 80 percent rookies, all work with a fire that I can see clearly. I guarantee that every issue printed will improve in quality of writing and design. It’s going to be hard, yeah we get that. But to quote the great Kanye West: “For me, giving up is way harder than trying.”

We’d rather spend late nights to get it as perfect as possible than throw in the towel and call it quits.

And with everything that’s happening with Pima Community College, the Aztec Press can’t stop printing.

With probation being lifted, Pima has new obstacles in the way, which should be on every student’s radar.

Credit hours have increased in cost, enrollment has edged up  by a mere 1 percent and PCCPD needs to improve its department.

The list goes on, but there’s only one way to learn about it: through a neutral lens.

Our new adviser, new staff and shorter deadlines won’t detract from quality news by people who want to write about it.

Although we have a strong team, we always love to take in submissions by students or faculty. If you have something that isn’t covered, that should be, let us know and we’ll shine a light on it.

If you have an opinion about something we wrote in the paper and you want to argue against our side, contact us and we can always debate.

Maybe the correct way to hang your toilet paper? The answer is hung over, but let us know how you hang yours.

We always love to have a guest column, so don’t be scared because you think you can’t write. Thats how we all started in here.

But I can guarantee you it’s easier than you actually think.

The Aztec Press email is aztecpress@pima.edu, or you can call the class line at extension 520-206-6767.

Just leave your name, number and the subject you would like to discuss and we will always get back to you.

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