Hatred or history, to wave or waive the Confederate flag



Let’s start this off with one thing first. Yes, the Confederate flag is racist and should not be hung up anywhere. We all know that it is a symbol representing the South and the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but that flag also represents hate.

History is history, and it’s important to learn from it. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it’s bad. When things go bad, though, it is important to not repeat those same actions.

If the Confederate flag is representing a time when African Americans were bound to slavery, how can you possibly say that the flag isn’t racist? This flag represents the many years of oppression that African Americans have endured.

Just picture yourself as an African American living in the South during the 1800s. You’re either in chains or scared for your life whenever you see that flag waving around. The only outcome is to join your brothers on the fields or be a perfect example to what happens to “n******” in the South.

I am not speaking only about African-Americans, but I am speaking for all people of color.

To this day, when I am out and about and I spot that flag, I get a disgusted look on my face.

But I also start to worry, because you just never know.

Dylann Roof is known for the Charleston shooting in 2015. His website went viral after the shooting, and it was full of disturbing images along with a manifesto written by him. In one of the photos, he has the Confederate flag in one hand and a pistol in the other.

Hate is still alive and it’s obvious  It’s ignorant, the pride of some Americans is what will lead to more chaos in America. Don’t think that Dylanna is just crazy, the KKK also flies the Confederate flag full of pride.

People sometimes think that the flag is not racist and only a part of history. Today, people will claim that they are not racist because they have black friends.

They still think it is OK to wave around the flag. Well, it’s not. Just because we don’t have slavery today any more, doesn’t mean the symbol can’t stand for racism.

Today, we have police officers killing African Americans and getting away with it. America is like the NFL: If you are a star, you can get away with domestic violence.

In America, if you are a white policeman you can get away with killing a minority.

It’s not hard to know from what is right and wrong. Some kids grow up with family or friends teaching them that the flag is not racist, but this is morally wrong. It is 2017, there is diversity everywhere. By teaching a young child how to accept one by not the color of their skin nor by what they believe in, it is the right thing to do.

It’s an example of people interpreting history to favor one’s personal feelings toward an important era in U.S. history. It is a shame and should not be permitted. Only with the truth we will know from what is right and wrong.

My mother is hispanic and my father is an African-American. Growing up they taught my brother and I how in life there will be people that will look at us differently.

My dad was raised in California, but his mother is from the south. His teachings to me were to always stay humble unless one disrespect your mother or your race.

I believe that equality in America has to change just not for the the African-Americans, to for everyone. Staying quiet won’t change everything, I enjoy seeing my people fight for what they believe in.

With the events that happened at Charlottesville that happened last month, just shows us the real threat to this country. The white supremacy and evil leaders like President Trump, they are the real enemies to everyone.

With “white privilege” playing a factor in America it is makes the road to journey for us people of color a little rough. It has been done and we will keep on fighting for what is right and what we believe in.



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