Follow through with summer plans


Summer has almost arrived, and with the new season comes higher temperatures, more trips to the pool and the end of another semester. Every summer, students discuss plans and it seems like they can’t wait to make each summer memorable.

So far, I’ve heard classmates say that want to go to Disneyland towards the end of May because the “Guardians of the Galaxy” new ride is opening. Then, Electric Daisy Carnival is June 16-18 in Las Vegas. And Hard Summer is in August in Los Angeles.

I’ve got 20 bucks saying they don’t go.

Don’t get me wrong. I want them to go. I want everyone to have the summer they’re dreaming of on Pinterest. But I hear, way too often, that no one ends up doing anything.

August comes around and everyone is forced into another strict schedule at school, with no word on summer plans that fell through. All you hear is that another summer has passed.

Students always complain how they never have plans, like going to Rocky Point’s beaches, or going to LA and checking out Universal Studios over the summer.

Well, make this summer different. Stop complaining and actually do it.

Let this be the summer you find yourself, meet new friends, have a summer fling or do something you’ve never experienced. More importantly, get to know yourself and stop stressing over the little things.

Be motivated to do what makes you happy. Wake up each morning with a positive vibe and good coffee.


Write down your goals. Over the summer, whether it be getting in shape, applying for internships or traveling, make it a challenge for yourself. Set a high expectation goal and try to accomplish one step each day.

Be hip and get a mason jar to put a dollar in each time you make progress toward your goal. By the end of the week, you might be rich. Just try it, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve if you put in effort.


We all have busy days with work, taking our siblings to school and trying to maintain time with friends. It’s tough, but make time throughout your day to plan and make things happen.

The more excuses you make, the more you’ll put it off. We don’t want that do we? Of course not. Get it together.

It’s easy to say, it’s harder to actually do. We are all motivated by different things. Find out what motivates you and work it into your daily life. Personally, my best friend Julian motivates me. He is and will always be my No. 1 supporter.

Julian has a huge impact in my life because he makes me challenge myself, and takes that extra step that I thought I never could achieve. He is always reminding me, “I always have faith and I know you’ll get far, Daniella.”


Last but not least, I challenge all of you to take an hour each day and make a game plan for your day.

Find yourself this summer and explore who you really are with the list of ideas that you made. I hope that going through this process will help you really identify your priorities and get everything in order. Have a safe and fun summer. Best wishes!

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