TOP 10: Ways to handle stress


We all experience stress. It walks in and out of our daily lives, and can easily take over if we don’t take action. There are many ways to manage stress, but here are my top 10 easy ways to ease your worries.

  1. Figure out what is stressing you. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with our everyday routine, and we don’t know where to start. Narrow down each little thing and start from there.


  1. Prep for tomorrow.

Nothing is worse than being unprepared and unorganized. Make a journal a few minutes before you leave to start your day. I guarantee you’ll feel less stressed.


  1. Do what you love.

Nothing is better than doing your favorite hobby. On your day off, sit back, relax and do what makes you happy, even if that means sleeping.


  1. Manage your time.

Time management is key to a healthy life. One of the many stressors for people is lack of time. Time seems to go by faster, and you’re wishing you had more hours in the day but you have more time than you think.


  1. Turn some tunes.

You’ve had an exhausting day from school and work. Go home, change, get that aux out and jam to your girl Rihanna.


  1. Give your thumb a rest.

Along with school and work, those emails and text just won’t stop. Put your phone aside for a minute. It won’t hurt, y’all.


  1. Talk to your best friend.

No one gets you like your bestie. Venting to your bff will help you put things in better perspective.


  1. Sleep it off.

We all know that we all need eight hours of sleep, but let’s get real. Most of us get like five, if that. So go home and take that.

  1. Focus on yourself.

Take a few minutes out of your day and focus on the present. Try taking a walk, or take a break from work. Pay attention to your senses. This can improve the way you think and feel.


  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Think about what you’ve accomplished throughout your life. Make that money and get that education. You’re doing great!

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