TOP 10: Spring cleaning ideas for changing things up


In with the new, out with the old. We like to change things up. Springtime isn’t only about cleaning, it’s also about reinventing ourselves. Here are my top 10 ideas for spring cleaning.

  1. Actually clean

We claim to clean our house or room all year long. But do we, really? Try actually cleaning. Get into crevices. Mop, sweep, dust, scrub, wash. Clean like you’ve never cleaned before.

  1. Buy fragrances

Invest, if you haven’t already, in things that give your home a pleasant smell. Try candles, air fresheners or fragrant incense. You and your guests will appreciate the pleasant scent that greets you when you walk into your home.

  1. Become a decor guru

Learn a few things about home decor, what goes with what. It’s not hard. Pinterest is very helpful and a good place to start. That way, when you decide to make changes to your home, it won’t look like a whole lot of nonsense.

  1. Paint walls

If you’ve never painted your walls, they are likely one of four colors: cream, beige, white or brown. These are very basic colors and, for the most part, a bit boring. Change it up. Paint the walls your favorite color or something unique, but remember to make it match the furniture so it has some feng shui.

  1. Find new wall art

Whether you have random paintings or family photos, it’s time for them to go. OK fine, you can keep the family photos but buy some art or create your own. Make the room pop.

  1. Buy new dishes

Admit it, we care about what we eat on and what we eat with. Buy new plates, silverware or cups. You can play it safe and choose neutral colors, or be brave and select vibrant hues.

  1. Learn house maintenance

It might seem like a long shot or impossible but that’s why we have YouTube. Watch a few videos on how to fix a pipe or clean a backed-up drain. It can be pricey to pay others to do it for us. Save a few bucks by learning how to do it yourself.

  1. Take out the trash

Go around your house or room and pick up all of the things that you classify as “what if.” We all have things we don’t throw away because we think they’ll have use in the future. But in reality, you’re becoming a hoarder. Throw them away.

  1. Choose carpet vs. tile

Now this one might be the most expensive, but you have to decide whether you are a tile person or a carpet person. Everyone has a preference, learn yours. Take some time to figure it out, and save up some money. That way, you can make the change if needed.

  1. Change your wardrobe

Many people don’t like to change their wardrobe because they’re comfortable in it and have had it for while. Get rid of the things you haven’t worn in months. Take some friends, or someone whose opinion you trust, and go shopping. Buy new clothes and reinvent yourself. Make people do a double-take when you walk by.

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