THE WORD: Are you taking it easy or buckling down?

Photos and interviews by Dale Villeburn Old Coyote on East Campus

Marina Larson


“I got my break, on Spring Break.”

Marina Larson

Major: Veterinary assistant


Ian Long

As you go through the semester, the material only gets harder. If you start relaxing after midterms, its not gonna get better.”

Ian Long

Major: Engineering


Sarah Musich

“I’ve been buckling down. The works just been getting harder and harder and harder.”

Sarah Musich

Major: Nursing


Artran Bela

“I’m getting ready, every night studying hard. As a foreign student, I have to work hard to get straight As.”

Artan Bela

Major: Networking administration


Sarah Childs

“Definitely buckling down.”

Sarah Childs

Major: Science

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