Student artwork on display


Pima Community College’s Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition will continue through May 5 in the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery at the West Campus Center for the Arts.

Students from all six campuses are represented in the exhibition, which displays 69 works of art.

Another 39 student pieces are on display at the Tucson International Airport Gallery through Sept. 12.

Selected students received almost $4,000 in scholarships, gift certificates and prizes during a reception and award ceremony held April 13.

Jo Anderson received the Best of Show award for her stab-binding book titled “I Am I.”

Numerous student artists attended the reception, including Juan Jose Delgado, whose “No Mans Land” work was named best painting.

He was accompanied by his daughter Troix, 6, who is featured in Delgado’s acrylic painting aptly named “Troix.”

“She’s my main source of inspiration,” Delgado said. “She’s the motivator.”

Troix is already interested in the arts, and loves music and dance. Because she’s a spirited child, her parents try to keep her busy.

“She’s very magical,” Delgado said. “She’s very creative, so what I’m trying to do is encourage her into the arts.”

The painting pictures Troix with wings. She had lots of input into the depiction, ensuring they were butterfly wings and not bird wings.

“She would go everywhere with her wings,” Delgado said.” She wants to be a cat as well, so she had a tail. When she was told that a cat doesn’t have wings, she said, ‘Well, mine does.’”

Three professional artists took on the difficult task of judging the submitted artwork: Kathleen Spain, a ceramic artist; David Adix, a mixed media visual artist; and Lisa Roden, a photographer who works as the assistant registrar at Etherton Gallery.

The judges selected 27 student winners, with 13 “best of” categories, nine “honors” selections and six community awards:

Best of Show: Jo Andersen – “I am I”

Best of 3D: Dana Waller – “Carpe Diem”

Best of 2D: Christine Dawdy – “The Women”

Best of Ceramics: Rick Spriggs – “Star Vase”

Best of Drawing: Jennifer Lynn – “Resignation”

Best of Fibers: Melissa Burns – “Waterfall”

Best of Mixed Media: Rick Spriggs – “Bowl with Holes”

Best of Metals: Ann Peterson – “Pangolin”

Best of Painting: Juan Jose Delgado – “No Mans Land”

Best of Digital Photography: John Terry Johnson – “Untitled 3”

Best of Traditional Photography: Davey Miller – “Dysphoria 3”

Best of Printmaking: Penny Batelli – “Beargrass”

Best of Sculpture: Elaine Isner – “Lil and the Orange Pepper”

Honors Ceramics: Kendra Philbrook – “Haystack Orange Flask”

Honors Drawing: Jasmine Membrila – “Accompanying Death”

Honors Fibers: Rua Bandaranayake – “Sheepish”

rs Sculpture:
Dana Waller – “Umbrella”

Honors Metals: Cathy Woodard – “Knife”

Honors Mixed Media: Peter Van Peenen – “Outside the Box”

Honors Painting: Mia Garcia – “Sunny Side-Up”

Honors Photography: Kate Dawes – “Wadsworth Dying 3”

Honors Printmaking: William Hollingshead – “The Thing in the Tree”

Desert Fire Charity Award: Steven Hasdu “Inspired”

Betty and Joe Harris Award: Larry Gotkin

Century Award: Adam Gilliland

Wabi Sabi Award No. 1: Peter Van Peenen

Wabi Sabi Award No. 2: Rua Bandaranayake

Claire Campbell Park Award: R. Bear Lippman



Troix Delgado, 6, stands by her likeness, captured in an acrylic painting by her father, Juan Jose Delgado. (Robyn Zelickson/Aztec Press)

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