FROM THE EDITOR(S): Friendship begins in newsroom


Roberts: Maybe you’re just starting with the Press. Maybe you’ve followed Pima Community College’s student newspaper since its inception in 1970. No matter when you picked up your first issue, my co-editor and I would

like to thank you. Ashley Muñoz and I are the photo editors for this very newspaper you cradle in your hands, unless you’re reading it online. That’s cool too. Your device probably doesn’t have the same fresh newsprint smell though.

Muñoz: When I’m not crying over the finale of “The Office,” I spend my time keeping the photo aspects of the Aztec Press in order with my good friend, Kate Roberts.

Roberts: I met Ashley at our pre-semester meeting, and her cat-eye glasses and black tights told me one thing: Be friends with this gal at all costs. I used my wit and charm (awkward meme references) to bribe her into partner- ing as co-editors, and we’re having the time of our lives.

Muñoz: When Kate first approached me, it was love at first sight. We took the photo section of the Aztec Press under our wing and try our absolute best to produce nothing but great content for ourselves and for our readers. I’m so lucky to have had Kate bribe me. It’s the best decision she’s ever made for me.

Roberts: As far as photography goes, I was pretty much born with a camera in my hand. My parents were photographers and journalists, and my godfather taught me how to use my first film SLR. My first camera was a seethru plastic little guy, and I took it everywhere. Not much has changed, except now I carry my iPhone and a Nikon.

Muñoz: Photography hasn’t always been my thing. I had mastered the art of “selfies” but that was about the extent of my knowledge up until my first year at Pima Community College. Our adviser, Cynthia Lancaster, was my first photojournalism instructor. She taught me to see life and people through a lens and it changed my world forever. I never saw myself as a potential photojournalist, but now that’s all I want to be.

Roberts: Working on the newspaper and learning the entire process has made a career in photography and multimedia journalism seem much more realistic.

Muñoz: I’m finishing my third and final year at PCC and moving on to Arizona State’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I’m a bit heartbroken, but excited for what’s to come.

Roberts: She is mostly heartbroken because she is leaving me in Tucson to die.

Muñoz: I didn’t know what the hell I was doingprior to the Aztec Press, much like most college students. I am grateful for this experience, the people I’ve met and all I’ve learned throughout my years. Like the iconic band Journey once said, “Don’t Stop Believing.” Hold on to that feeling of college.

Roberts: Journey lyrics? That was a terrible way to end this column. Thanks for reading, and join the paper!

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