FROM THE EDITOR: With great title, comes great responsibility


Web editor Nicholas Trujillo.

This year I dropped the ball as the web editor. I didn’t make daily updates. I didn’t change the website. I didn’t inspire people to, either.

What I did was just take a title that had a lot responsibility and throw it down the drain. However, next year will be different.

Next year I will be the co-editor in chief with my home slice Katelyn Roberts. With two people at the helm of one of the best college publications in Southern Arizona, I am confident a lot of what we say we will do, will get done.

Instead of making empty promises.

For instance, I’ve been making arrangements with students who I have a strong feeling will help with the social media aspect. I’m not putting all of my faith in them, but after strong mentorship it will all work out in the long run.

Having a stable calendar of what to publish, when to publish it and what app to use will help to make it easier in the long run as well. Because if we rely on just one person updating whatever they want whenever they want, it’s a recipe for laziness.

This year I was in charge of the Twitter account, and I only updated when I was at a sporting event and whenever I could remember. But not everyone wants to read about sports, and similarly not everyone has a twitter.

Some want to read about our provost on Facebook, or the struggles of slut shaming on Twitter, or see one of our many award winning instructors on Instagram. And that’s just to name a few topics and platforms we cover.

As for the online website, it’ll have to wait until we have a keen sense of where we stand as a publication. Because why should we stop our award winning publication from printing?

Eventually, someone will come to us with a more profound understand of websites and coding, but until then we’ll just focus on the social media platforms on your phone first.

It was instilled in us, by all-knowing adviser Cynthia Lancaster, that the paper should always come first. Even if she is leaving after this semester, it’s something that I will continue to believe in until the day they stop printing newspapers.


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