A quick conversation with Gabby Encinas 

Editor’s note: In this ongoing feature, we ask a Pima Community College student some not-so-serious questions.

Gabby Encinas smiles while
answering her five questions.
Dale Villeburn Old Coyote/Aztec Press

Compiled by Dale Villeburn Old Coyote


Gabby Encinas, a member of the East Campus Student Life team, is majoring in psychology.


Question 1: What classes are you enjoying the most and why?

Gabby: Psychology, because it’s my major.


Question 2: What color socks are you wearing?

Gabby: Little black ankle socks.


Question 3: What’s your favorite movie, and why?

Gabby: “Deadpool.” He’s my favorite hero/villain.


Question 4: What is the last song you listened to?

Gabby: “Bad and Boujee,” by the Migos.


Question 5: What did you eat for breakfast?
Gabby: Tuna salad croissant from the café.

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