FIVE QUESTIONS: A quick conversation with Elyssia Chavarria

Editor’s note: In this ongoing feature, we ask a Pima Community College student some not-so-serious questions.

Compiled by Erik Medina

Elyssia Chavarria takes classes at Northwest Campus and works as a student aide at the West Campus Library. She plans on transferring to the University of Arizona to become an American Sign Language interpreter. She is also a big fan of Harry Potter.

Question 1: What classes are you enjoying the most and why?

Elyssia: My favorite class is Sign Language 202, because I aspire to be a sign language interpreter.


Question 2: What color socks are you wearing?

Elyssia: Nude.


Question 3: What’s your favorite movie and why?

Elyssia: “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” I don’t know why, but that’s my favorite book in the series. The tri-wizard tournament and the yule ball are my favorite parts.


Question 4: What is the last song you listened to?

Elyssia: “Galway Girl” by Ed Sheeran.


Question 5: What did you eat for breakfast?

Elyssia: Orange Hibiscus tea.

Elyssia Chavarria, who hopes to become a sign language interpreter, works as a student aide at the West Campus Library. (Erik Medina/Aztec Press)

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