TOP 10: Ways to stay safe over Spring Break


Spring Break is right around the corner and I cannot wait to be sitting on the beach sippin’ something strong. But with great power comes great responsibility, and we still have another half of the semester to finish.

  1. Watch your drinks.

My mother taught me to never accept a drink from anyone and to always keep my eyes on my drink. This is my motherly advice to you. If it seems tampered with, toss it.

  1. Take an Uber/Lyft.

Drinking and driving is lame, and ridesharing is lit. Keep an eye on social media for promo codes. Not only will you get there safely, you pay less. Win, win.

  1. Know your limits.

Chugging that big bottle of bad decisions may seem like a beautiful idea, but you don’t want the consequences. Get to the fun “you” that can enjoy and remember. Even better, the “you” that did not get alcohol poisoning.

  1. Send a goodnight text.

Wherever you go, text someone afterward. It can be anything from “Goodnight, I’m home” to “jgonls I;mjuh hijeknf.” It makes a difference to the people you care about.

  1. Start with a game plan.

What are your plans for the night? I mean the entire plan. Know where you’re going and who is going, to eliminate surprises that could ruin your fun. (I know, I know, I’m a mom.)

  1. Use a buddy system.

I probably don’t even have to tell you this, but never do anything alone. You’re always better off in numbers. So, yes, powder your nose, but together.

  1. Trust your gut.

You already know what this means. If something doesn’t feel right, you’re probably correct. Leave or call it a night.

  1. Protect yourself.

Whether it means applying sunscreen, wearing a hat or protecting your future, never do anything without covering yourself.

  1. Water is your best friend.

Get this tattooed. Water is good for your skin, hair, nails and insides, especially if you’re going to be in the sun. Drink as much water as possible before you start drinking anything else. Besides, water is delicious.

  1. Remember who you are.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. You are a smart individual and you’ll make good decisions. This is your mom, signing off.

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