THE WORD: What is your perfect Valentines’s Day

Photos and interviews by Dale Villeburn Old Coyote at West Campus


“Going on a hike, having dinner and chocolate.”

Sarah Diaz-Combs

Major: General Education


“A surprise picnic in the mountain and champagne.”

Kayla Hancock

Major: Art


“A nice dinner … and a horseback ride on the beach, on the sand, with the moonlight.”

Samuel Hickcox

Major: Creative Writing.


“Movie, dinner, and then somewhere with a view … as long as the night doesn’t go completely wrong.”

Remy Philipossian

Major: Architecture


“Going to Sushi-Ten with my wife … after that, maybe catch a couple movies, if we can before we go pick up our son.”

Charlie Rivas

Major: Mortuary Science

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