THE WORD: What do you want from Donald Trump?

Photos and interviews by Dakota Fincher at Downtown Campus

“I guess I’d like to see less homelessness because that’d be really great for us homeless people. I’d like to see more people going to school or work, or both.”

Piper Dawn

Major: Business


“Personally, me being a foreigner, a better view of the world. A Muslim does bad, all Islam is blamed. Those are his reasons to hate all Muslims.”

Mohamed Adan

Major: Science


“He needs to be more open to the people. He’s the POTUS. He needs to help, he can’t do everything alone.”

Brayant Gracia

Major: Education


“Maybe a better person. He’s a bad person, the problem of the United States is ‘immigrants.’ I don’t like him.”

Michael Beltran

Major: Finance


“Free health care, ‘cause we’re the only country that charges for general checkups. Here, our super power is our insurance companies. It’s wrong.”

William Camp

Major: Film and Art Design

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