Lower temps bring howling good time


It’s the best time of year in Tuscon. The heater is out of commission, in lower altitudes we have temporary rivers along the outskirts of town, go a little higher there’s pools and waterfalls still within sight of the mighty saguaro forests.

The storms that lingered throughout town during Jan. 20-22 had a huge impact on Mount Lemmon and Catalina Highway. Snow totals ranged from 12-24 inches in certain areas and were enough for Ski Valley to open for skiing and boarding.

Snowmen populations are on the rise as desert dwellers make their way up and do their typical winter activities. Some are seeing snow for their first time; others are reminded of another place and time but all appreciate the beauty of it.

Dogs especially enjoy getting into the action. Mine loves to swim in the melt waters at Redington but once she adjusted to slipping and sliding on the ice she wore a grin the entire time. Do you and your pet a favor and get outdoors!

Seven Cataracts is a popular pull-off area that is famous for the view. The waterfalls that form in the winter give locals and tourists the opportunity for a perfect postcard.
D.R. Williams / Aztec Press

A dog, Ricki Williams, plays in snow for her first time and loves every second of it. Mount Lemmon is close enough to not stress your dog but still far enough to feel like an escape.
D.R. Williams / Aztec Press

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