Here’s a tip


Tip. Your. Server.

It’s discouraging to find a table left filthy and penniless after the patrons ran you ragged for extra ranch dressing and fourth refills of Dr Pepper.

I understand the minimum wage has gone up along with prices at certain restaurants, with minimum wage for servers going from $5.05 to $7.

However, servers still earn less than minimum wage. Tips are the reason a server’s minimum wage is $7 and not $10 or more.

Tipping is important and appreciated.

Remember the person serving you could be a mother, father, struggling college student or someone struggling financially in general.

Yes, we all work hard and our money is indeed ours. Do as you wish with your money, but please be considerate of servers.

I’m that struggling college student server, and I know I am good at my job. I hate when people don’t tip.

Tips help me get to my next paycheck, especially since I get paid every two weeks.

Serving is not just about fixing the order when a customer only thinks he requested “no cheese.” I’m serving three to six tables besides yours, and still making your stay enjoyable.

In addition to taking the drink order, food order and everything in between, I am bussing the table. I leave no trace that anyone was ever there, just in time to seat more guests.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I don’t get another job since I cannot handle someone not tipping. Let’s rephrase the question: Why would anyone go to a restaurant in the first place if they’re not going to tip?

Yes, horrible servers are out there and do not deserve a cent. Don’t take that out on someone who provides excellent service.

Dakota Fincher is a waitress at Denny’s. She encourages you to treat servers as they treat you, and to understand that tipping does matter.

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