Don’t fear ongoing, inevitable change


New year. New semester. New Aztec Press.

Change has happened here at the Aztec Press. We’ve handed over the editorship to someone new and once again changed our flag and layout. Our goal, however, will always be the same: to deliver Pima news to our readers.

We’ve also welcomed new staffers to our team. They’ve been taken under the wings of our senior reporters and editors to learn the ropes of publication.

We’re all adjusting to the change of a new year, a new government and personal changes we may have faced within the weeks we were gone from Pima. While some of these changes feel like new slates, others feel scary. We must embrace what we cannot control.

Here at the Aztec Press, we’ll be covering how the changes within our local and national government affect us at Pima. Topics include the rise of minimum wage, an accreditation update and how Tucson reacted to the Jan. 20 inauguration.

The changes we write about and experience throughout the semester in the newsroom feel symbolic to the changes that happen around us at the Pima campuses at the beginning of every semester: different but with a feeling of similarity.

You, our reader, may be a returning employee or student, or a newcomer to the Pima campuses. Either way, we’re all experiencing some type of newness whether it be classes, instructors, friendships or challenges.

While it seems scary or overwhelming, we eventually adapt. We’ll get our schedules down and we won’t get lost trying to find our classrooms. We’ll finally figure out after two year that coming to campus at 10 a.m. guarantees a crappy parking spot.

Welcome back to Pima and to the new-ish Aztec Press. Not much has changed, so don’t be scared and enjoy our first issue of Spring 2017.

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