ATHLETIC VOICE: Trump: ‘yuge’ sports guy



 Donald J. Trump was officially sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20.

As split as society may be, we must try to make the best of the situation and educate ourselves about our new commander in chief.

Sports have a knack for making anyone more relatable. Trump is actually very knowledgeable about many American sports and even participated at a young age.

He was a three-sport athlete at the New York Military Academy from 1959-1964, participating in baseball and football, and playing one season of varsity soccer. Rumor has it that Trump could have pursued a professional baseball career.

As a businessman in the 1980s, Trump facilitated two consecutive WrestleMania events in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Before long, he was regularly participating in WWE promotions and grew a significant fan base. Trump was stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin himself, who was the biggest star in entertainment wrestling in the 2000s.

Trump was inducted into the celebrity section of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

He also owned the USFL football New Jersey Generals franchise in the mid-1980s, and spent loads of money to recruit Heisman trophy winners such as Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie.

Not surprisingly, Trump kept league media busy when he stirred up controversy.

The USFL was supposed to eventually overtake the NFL as the top football league in the country, which never happened. The league folded in 1986 and everyone involved, including Trump, was forced to move on.

Trump’s relationships with professional athletes made recent headlines during his presidential campaign. None was more prominent than his rapport with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The two apparently exchange text messages often. Brady supposedly texted a lengthy congratulatory text shortly after Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

The friendship seems inevitable. Brady is a wealthy winner with an extremely competitive attitude. Sound familiar?

Despite all of these ties to various sports, Trump seems to hold golf most dear.

All-time golf great Tiger Woods and Trump made headlines in late 2016 after they were seen playing a few holes together at one of Trump’s Florida courses.

Trump’s name can be found on 17 golf properties around the world and it is well known that he plays often.

He should have no problems finding proper conditions to play in Washington D.C. during his term in office. Let’s just hope he finds some time to do some presidential work between rounds.

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