Northwest Campus hosts ‘ugly sweater’ party

All Pima Community College students are invited to attend an ugly sweater party at Northwest Campus on Dec. 8 from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Student Life Center.

The party will honor students and staff who have been a part of Student Life this semester.

For more information, call the Student Life Center at 206-2121.

-By Brittney Young


‘Show Tell Give’ event spotlights storytelling

Downtown Campus will host its annual “Show Tell Give” event Dec. 8 from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Writing Center, LB-140.

Instructor Molly McCloy will oversee a storytelling contest with a “holiday disaster” theme. Students will also read short stories and essays, and participate in a book drive to benefit Casa de Los Niños and Old Pueblo Children’s Home. Student Life will provide refreshments.

For more information, call Josie Milliken at 206-7156.

-By Casey Muse Jr.


PTK chapter works to help ‘Woman Warriors’

The Alpha Beta Chi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action will help homeless female veterans with a “Woman Warriors” event on Dec. 21 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at Downtown Campus.

Students have worked with community agencies to provide food, entertainment, female hygiene products, clothing and haircuts.

“There are a lot of services for male vets but you very rarely hear of any for our female veterans,” event chair Karen Kuciver said. “There are quite a few females out there. We just wanted to reach out to them.”

The Pima chapter began its “Woman Warriors” project as a part of Phi Theta Kappa Honors in Action’s program called “How the World Works: Global Perspectives.” The program offers eight themes, and chapters can choose any theme to build a project around.

The chapter created a presentation on post-traumatic stress disorder and homelessness of veterans. Kuciver said many veterans fall through the cracks in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs system and become homeless through substance abuse and mental illness.

Often, injured vets are over-medicated and many get addicted to the medications, Kuciver said. If they aren’t treated correctly, many start self-medicating with alcohol and heroin. This becomes a downward spiral in which vets can’t hold a job and become homeless.

Female veterans suffer the same issues. The Pima chapter sponsors a woman through Project Action for Veterans, which houses homeless veterans.

Kuciver said the woman was a medic in the Army. The veteran has severe depression and anxiety, and just got off the streets with her two boys.

VA agencies participating in the “Woman Warriors” project provide counseling, employment, housing, health and transitioning services.

They include Project Action for Veterans, Tucson Vet Center, Women’s Health Clinic, Tucson VA Transition Program and Homeless Employment.

For additional information, contact Honors in Action chair Alliyah Graham at 730-2107 or event chair Karen Kuciver at (928) 322-2444.

-By Robyn Zelickson


Mexico awards PCC scholarships funds

A Mexican agency has given Pima Community College $80,000 to fund scholarships for immigrants and Americans of Mexicans origin. 

Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, presented the award during a ceremony at the Mexican Consulate in Tucson.

The funds come from the Ministry of Foreign Relations’ Institute for Mexicans Abroad.

The award marks the third scholarship grant PCC has received from IME since November 2014, for a total of $260,000.

-By Maria Angulo


Social services students aid single-parent families

Social services students in PCC’s community organization and development class sponsored an event Dec. 4 for single-parent families.

The students provided free food, games, jumping castles and other entertainment activities. They also gave holidays stocking to each child attending.

Participating social services organizations educated families about available Tucson resources.

Students spent weeks securing donations from local businesses and community members.

-By Francisco Zapata


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