Women deserve respect


Disrespect toward women is becoming “normal.” I’ve encountered a lot of men who disrespect women. Even though men will claim that not all of them are the same, most of them are.

A while ago I was on my way to a party with some male friends when they started cat-calling every young woman they saw in a skirt or dress. I asked why and without hesitation they said, “They’re hot.”

During the conversation, they said, “Respect is earned, so if you dress like a slut you will be treated like one.”

There is nothing OK with cat-calling. It’s demeaning and it won’t get you anywhere. Cat-calling or grabbing a woman repeatedly after she has requested that you stop is not right.

Women deserve respect. Just because they are wearing a dress doesn’t mean they should be looked down upon.

Why should women be symbolized as a sex object? Women are not there to please men.

It happens everywhere, whether we’re at a store or a bar. If we’re dressed provocatively, someone will most likely come up to us and — trust me — they don’t have good intentions.

Every time I go out with a group of friends, there is always an annoying guy trying to make out and buy drinks. He will later expect us to “pay back” the drink he bought, and not with money.

I’ve seen young women forced to do things they don’t want to do just because of a drink, or because men were drunk and wanted pleasure at the moment.

Women are expected to dress a certain way. When they show a lot of skin or party too much, men see them differently. On the other hand, men can do whatever they want and society doesn’t say anything.

Women deserve respect no matter how they are dressed or act. The type of men who disrespect women are not real men.

My advice to fellow females: Respect yourself enough to not accept disrespect.

My advice to men: Before you do anything stupid or try to disrespect a woman, think about it. You are also disrespecting your own mother.

Arlaeth Ramirez studies journalism at PCC and plans to transfer to the University of Arizona next fall.

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