THE WORD: Thoughts on Trump becoming president?

Photos and interviews by Nicholas Trujillo at Desert Vista Campus

“Either way, no one was going to be happy. People shouldn’t judge everyone else, because everyone has a different opinion.”


Paul Silva

Major: Mechanical engineering

“It caused a lot of hate between everyone. We have to learn to connect with each other and just deal with it for four years.”


Emily Rivera

Major: Veterinarian

“Both of them had too many of the bad things, so it was kind of a hard choice. I didn’t vote because those two weren’t the right ones for this country.”


Kenneth Gonzalez

Major: Computer engineering

“Disappointed. He doesn’t have the experience to run this country and I feel like he’s just going to run it into the ground.”


Yvette Robles

Major: Athletic training

“Hopefully he does a good job. I think we’ll be OK. Hopefully we don’t go downhill real fast.”


Jennifer Weisbrod

Major: Pharmacy


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