Alt-rock band honors genre

Alternative rock has been stuck in a rut, falling more into the mainstream radio world and less into the “I want to write something that means something to someone” sphere.

It’s been quite some time since an alternative rock band made me feel hopeful for the genre.

Beware of Darkness is different.

“Rock is so stale right now,” lead singer and guitarist Kyle Nicolaides said. “Every rock band is writing very derivative and tonic guitar riffs and it’s such a bummer. I think we want to be at the forefront of that and just push the genre forward.”

I was lucky enough to speak with Nicolaides during KFMA’s recent Fall Ball music festival. I immediately got a sense for the passion and drive he has for the band and for the future it could have.

Nicolaides lists “The White Album” by The Beatles as a major influence, along with Led Zeppelin.

BOD has released its second album, “Are You Real?” after much anticipation. There’s no question it’s different from their debut album, “Orthodox.”

“It’s more focused,” Nicolaides said. “The first album, when I was writing it, I had no idea that people were actually going to hear it and I don’t think I was as focused on making a record that was cohesive.”

He called “Orthodox” very emotional and vulnerable. “I think with “Are You Real?” we just wanted to make a big rock record with every song being stadium-ready,” he said.

Every song on “Are You Real?” has a backstory inspired by true events.

“It’s stuff that’s happened to me and I had the wrong attitude about things,” he said. “It’s not less personal, but maybe a bit less emotional.”

BOD prides itself on making each act a personal and unforgettable experience.

“I want to have a Led Zeppelin, Beatles or even White Stripes run where it’s five years of just great albums,” Nicolaides said.

“Creatively and personally, I just want to write the best albums we can,” he added. “I want to be able to turn this into a headline band, sell out venues and just take one step after the other.”

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