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Suspect arrested on sexual assault charges

A female student in an English classroom at Pima Community College’s Coalition Center experienced an unwanted advance by a male student on July 25.

According to the campus police report, a female student told campus police officer Rebecca Thifault that a male had walked behind her while she was seated in a chair and had reached for her left elbow with his left hand.

The man ran his hand over her shoulder, then reached over her shoulder and squeezed her left breast. The student pushed the man’s hand away, left the classroom and spoke to Thifault immediately, pointing out the man as he was leaving the classroom.

Using the classroom roster, a possible suspect was identified. When questioned by Officer Joshua Blum, the man said that he had been involved in an argument over a pen that an the woman had taken from him.

The man said he was trying to retrieve his pen and any contact with the woman’s breast was purely accidental.

A classroom volunteer corroborated the woman’s report although he didn’t see the man touch her breast. He also did not see any sign of a dispute over a pen. The woman also denied that there was a pen involved.

Based on the statements received by the Tucson Police Department from campus police, a warrant was issued for the man’s arrest. TPD executed the warrant on Sept. 19.

-By Robyn Zelickson


PCCPD investigates domestic dispute at West Campus

By Brittney Young

Pima Community College Police were called to West Campus on Sept. 18 for a domestic violence dispute between two married ISS janitorial employees.

Officer Anthony French met a male employee at the south stairs of the F building. The man said he and his wife were having an argument through text that escalated to a confrontation.

He told French he had placed his hands on her arm to keep her in place. He then threw his keys and an energy drink at her.

ISS Supervisor Patricia Valenzuela told police officer Shad Pace, that she had walked into the room and the two were screaming at each other. She said she saw the man slam his wife to the ground.

Pace spoke to the wife who at first was hesitant to speak. She later told the officer that her husband had thrown his keys and hit her in the back. Pace observed no signs of physical injury.

Pace determined he had probable cause to place the man under arrest. He was transported to the Pima County Jail where he was booked.

-By Robyn Zelickson

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