Candidates face off at Oct. 27 forum


A candidate forum for the Pima Community College District 5 Board of Governors race will take place Oct. 27 from 6-7 p.m. at El Rio Learning Center, 1390 W. Speedway Blvd.

The forum will feature Martha Durkin, who currently holds the seat by appointment, and her two challengers: Luis Armando Gonzales, a former city manager for the City of South Tucson and Francis Saitta, a former PCC science instructor.

The event was organized by Adult Education’s Civics and Student Leadership program and by students from the Inter-Campus Council.

For details, call 206-3810.

-By Eddie Celaya


Café assists with career preparation


Every first Wednesday from noon to 2 p.m. at the Desert Vista Cafeteria, a Career Café helps all Pima Community College students get started on their path toward a job.

The Career Café covers topics such as interviewing skills to help students answer questions properly and resume/cover letter tips to help with their applications.

Each Wednesday, the Café also has a “Monthly Special Brew”that acts as a theme to cover certain topics more deeply.

The “Brew” for November is “Got the Job. Now What?” The theme is to make sure students show up on time and act professionally while they have the job.

September was “Returning To work” and October’s was “Before you Accept the Job.”

For more information, call 206-4500. 

-By Nicholas Trujillo


East Campus raising violence awareness


An East Campus Clothesline Project designed to increase awareness of sexual and domestic assault will continue Oct. 27-28 on the student mall.

Free day-long activities include a visual display of decorated T-shirts that portray the impact of assault.

For more information, call 206-7616 or email ec-studentlife@pima.edu.

-By Francisco Zapata


Northwest celebrating Día de Los Muertos


Northwest Campus Student Life will celebrate Día de los Muertos on Nov. 1 from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. in D-201.

The free event will include an interactive display board, a trivia board and a shrine.

For more information, contact Student Life at 206-2121.

-By Brittney Young

One thought on “PIMA NEWS”

  1. Ms. Chavarin:

    Your Question:

    1. Do you support common textbook requirements so that students don’t have to buy textbooks that are never used or can’t get a refund for if the class gets canceled?

    My Answer:

    Courses offered throughout the College should use the same Text Book, Course Syllabus, with Students at each Campus given the same Final Examination so as to Ensure that Students are Provided with the Academic Skills necessary to Achieve their Career Goals. The Text Book must be used supplemented by Online Tutoral Programs if available.

    If the Course is cancelled, the Student must be permitted to return the Text to the Book Store for a Refund. To do otherwise is to penalize a Student, and Profiteer, from a situation beyond their control. If this is College and/or Book Store Policy, it must be changed immediately!!!

    Your Question:

    2. Do you support fully reinstating Financial Aid’s Ability to Benefit (ATB) for all students, even those without a HS Diploma or Equivalency?

    My Answer:

    “Ability to benefit (ATB) is a term used in the context of post-secondary education in the United States to refer to students who have sufficient competency to benefit from post-secondary education but do not have a high school diploma or the Certificate of High School Equivalency. ATB, as assessed by government-approved tests, is required for receiving financial aid by most US public colleges that admit students without a high school diploma or the certificate of equivalency….”

    For Students that do not quality for Financial Aid under this program, the College should Grant these Students a Tuition Waiver so long as these Students Enroll in Programs commensurate with their Academic Preparedness (as indicated by Assessment Examinations) and they maintain at a “C” or above in each Course.

    Your Question:

    3. How would you get local, state, and federal policymakers to give colleges more money?

    My Answer:

    Getting addition funding from Local and State Policy Makers may be very difficult!! I would encourage Faculty/Administrators to submit Grant Proposals to the Federal Government and Private Organizations.

    Also, additional funding may be available after a review of the Level of Employment (Administration/Faculty/Staff)) so as to determine if these Levels are commensurate with the Decline in Student Enrollment. PCC has lost the equivalent of over 7,500 full-time students — about 33 percent of its enrollment — over the last five years as it faced accreditation problems and controversy over admission restrictions that later were abandoned. The college had 15,385 full-time students this school year compared to 22,906 in 2011.

    There should be Three (3) Seats on the PCC Board of Governors up for re-election in November. However, as you know, there is only one (1); District 5 for which I am a Candidate. The other two ( 2), District 2 and District 4 are Uncontested!; in the case of the former (District 2), the “Candidate” was Anointed by the Pima County Democrat Party Machine via a questionable selection process, or, for the latter (District 4), the “Candidate” was hand picked on the “QT” by the outgoing Board Member. This does NOT bode well for substantive change at PCC!!

    For District 5, the current Board member was, as well, Anointed by the Pima County Democrat Party Machine via the same questionable selection process. Given the history of this Member on the Board, and before her Anointment, it is beyond debate that she should be voted off the Board. I will NOT legitimize her Candidacy by debating this issue.

    My presence at your “Candidate Forum” would have the implicit effect that I support the Legitimacy of these three (3) Anointed Candidates. I do not!!! After much consideration, I respectfully decline your invitation to participate in this “Candidate Forum”.

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