Just put right man in charge


As the nation draws closer to election day, it’s nice to see a man who has faced many hardships on the ballot.

Donald Trump used a small loan from his father to start his own business, which is now worth $3.9 billion. His reality TV show raked in 6.4 million viewers on average.

A man of his stature surely represents the best-case scenario of a well educated and highly respected presidential nominee.

In a world of sink-or-swim, the man swam to Australia and back with one hand tied behind his back.

When Trump takes his rightful seat in office, this country will be the best it has ever been. Go ahead and measure any time period. The Jackson era and his battle with the banks? Trump putting up the wall to regulate Mexicans coming into the United States will be more heroic.

The wall he’s going to put up won’t even be expensive. At first, yes, it could cost from $10 to $25 billion. But we’re looking at an investment here, folks. What’s $10 billion to saving lives in America? How much are we worth to our government?

The future won’t even ponder that question after the wall goes up faster than you can say, “Make America great again.”

Money doesn’t talk in America. Important decisions talk. Decisions like keeping out the people who want to kill and rape others because they’re “bad hombres.”

You know who else talks? Celebrities. Give them a hot mic and anything they say turns to gold.

But enough about talking. It’s the “doing” that really matters. We’re do-ers with or without consent.

Do-ers like the 1 percent.

Actually, more like the top 20 percent. They provide 87 percent of the income tax collected in America. So who’s really holding up this country?

The bottom half of taxpayers end up getting money from the government, like welfare to help them out of poverty, but it rarely works.

It’s like communism in China. The concept works on paper but it’s actually an inefficient idea.

This is what we’ve let America become. It can be so much better if we just put the right man in charge.

Trujillo rarely take sides, prefering to look at the pros and cons of each candidate.

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