THE WORD: Do you feel involved with Desert Vista?

Photos and interviews by Nicholas Trujillo at Desert Vista Campus

pg03-word-elias-lopez“The campus is really small and that’s what I like about it. It feels safe here. It feels like everyone here is more serious with what they want to do.”

Elias Lopez

Major: Welding









I feel like I am really connected to the community but I attribute that to my job. I’m a tutor and I’m always talking with students that are coming and going.”

Edwin Renck

Major: Psychology






I feel like I’ve had a nice foundation and I’m building on that foundation. There are so many clubs here that people can get connected with.”

Victoria Valencia

Major: Orthondontics







I feel very connected. When I came here on my first day, I was already signed up for Student Life so it’s a very welcoming community.”

Noah Spencer

Major: Film/acting






Really connected. I started with Student Life and that’s like the gateway to everything in the community. Plus I joined TRIO, and that really helps as well.”

Ruben Meza

Major: Engineering

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