From the Editor: It’s not goodbye if you take it with you


At first, I wanted to be a poet and play distracting games with punctuation, use commas carelessly and write the ugliness of the world into something pretty.

Somewhere in the weird beginning of adulthood I just wanted life  to get better. I made so many  mistakes. Without those little poems I scribbled, the ugliness might have never let me step out from under it.

About two years ago when I joined the Aztec Press, I said entertainment was the section for me. It’s kind of funny because now I love AP style and cover hard news.

This was an upswing in  my life. I was back in school, done partying and had spent a summer writing for music blogs. I wanted to be a music journalist but  resolved  to write a little bit of everything.

As I sit here and write my last From the Editor, I can’t help but feel emotional.

I wrote what felt like 1,000 leads. All the stories from the past couple of years flashed through my head. I remembered going to the strip club at 11 a.m. for  a piece on exotic dancers, all the time I spent on the transparency series and  the voices of all those interesting people. I sure wrote some of everything.

For three semesters I have addressed you, readers, as editor in chief. In that time, I have come to know you well. I have seen the passion and love at Pima Community College and I’m proud to have helped tell this college’s story.

Thank you for being such a wonderful subject. All the newsworthy  events—good and bad—that have happened at Pima, have trained me so well. It was great to meet you, look you in the eyes and talk. I will miss the diverse group at Pima.

The hardest part of this piece, is that I am trying to say goodbye and really honor this paper and this team. There’s no way I can sum up this life-changing experience in anything less than a novel’s length.

It’s not really goodbye, because that newsroom at West Campus will always be in my heart, and the Aztec Press continues on.

Thank you to the all the wonderful reporters and editors I have worked with during my time here. Some of my best friendships were made over printouts and junk food. I have learned so much from my peers and I wish I had room to share our funniest, warmest and craziest moments.

I’m also proud to announce that the newspaper has been honored by the Society of Professional Journalists as a Region 11 finalist in the Mark of Excellence awards again. The 2015 staff did incredible work that I’ll never forget.

I was lucky to be part of multiple award-winning semesters.

I am so grateful for everything adviser Cynthia Lancaster has taught me. I wish my accident hadn’t taken me away from our last semester together. It’s going to be weird not checking in with and seeing her every week.

As I run out of time, I will say to the future reporters of Aztec Press, take good care of the paper. It’s an important service to Pima and can change your life.

To my dear “journo-friends,” I know we are going to succeed together and I feel blessed I get to be a part of it . Thank you for teaching, accepting and loving me.

You all mean so much to me.

It was an honor. Enjoy the issue.

Pg06-Opinion-Jamie Verwys

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