THE WORD: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day?

photos and interviews by Melina Casillas on Desert Vista Campus

Pg03-Word-Mariah Zavala

“Spending time with loved ones and eating a lot of junk food.”

Mariah Zavala

Major: Associate of Science

Pg03-Word-David Fernandez

“A beach setup at sunset

with candles, a blanket.”

David Fernandez

Major: Business administration

Pg03-Word-Kelsey Ribbeck

“Something spontaneous,

as long as it’s not

‘Netflix’ and chilling.”

Kelsey Ribbeck

Major: Veterinary science

Pg03-Word-JuanPedro Ahumada

“Hiking up to Ramiro pools,

and then having a picnic.”

JuanPedro Ahumada

Major: Nanotechnology

Pg03-Word-Kari Fort

“A nice dinner where I’m able

to dress up, and then a movie.”

Kari Fort

Major: X-ray technician

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