From The Editor: Varied generations help enrich Pima

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Each era is forever marked by the people, places and things that come to define it. When we think about the ‘50s, we probably see something like ladies swing dancing in poodle skirts. If it’s the ‘80s, the hair and shoulder pads get bigger and the music has synth.

Every period is influenced by current affairs and has a set of traits developed hugely by the social, economic, political and entertainment environment in which we live. Generations become like people at some point, with personality traits, strengths and human weaknesses.

So where does that leave those of us who are helping to build that profile of the current generation? What are we millennials really up to?

There is no one official timeline for millennials, but most sources seem to consider they are people born from 1980 to 2000. If you look around the campuses, you are sure to see people who fall right into that category, myself included.

We have been called a lot of things, from optimistic to Generation Me. There were definitely moments that defined our time, like the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War, the World Trade Center attack and the creation of Google.

Currently, millennials are out there working, innovating and stepping into a more significant role in their communities.

I have seen my peers in this age group do some incredible things and a pretty fair number of embarrassing ones, too.

It’s funny, because whenever I hear or read millennials, I have always imagined what must be the next generation down. I associated it with young people essentially born with the Internet.

With YouTube and our current culture of sharing, chances are your infancy was shared with hundreds on Facebook.

At Pima, I’m really thankful to see people from all kinds of different times and places. The varied experiences enrich a learning environment, and the college experience allows you different lenses to see those defining moments as they happen.

Whenever you were born, I hope you can see the proof that there is no generational or age limit when it comes to making an impact in our time on this earth.

There are many different ways to do it. Diversity plays a huge part in our resilience when tragedies occur.

As journalists, we don’t just chronicle our generation’s journey. The news is made up of stories about all sorts of different people. Each generation or era was born out of the ones before it and hopefully builds upon it.

It’s an honor to tell the stories of Pima, a place that has the personality and defining moments that would almost qualify it as its own mini era for all of us.

What’s inside this issue is another snapshot of this interesting time in our lives. Enjoy.

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