Top 10: Streetwear


Fall/Winter 2015 was filled with a multitude of different clothing releases ranging in price, quality and style. With the recent increase in the amount of fashion conscious youth around the world it’s only fair that we look at the most memorable clothing drops of the last season.

10. Midnight Studios

Shane Gonzales, 20, teamed up with punk era photographer Steve Emberton to release his latest line. As always, Gonzales focused heavily on the quality, giving us a more contemporary oversized aesthetic.

9. Gosha Rubchinskiy

Designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has brought yet another new face to the ever-changing world of fashion. Strongly influenced by 90s era Russia, as well as the modern day skating subculture, Rubchinskiy brings a unique and refreshing look to the youth of today, and this release was no exception.

8. Palace Skateboards

London based skateboarding brand Palace has successfully planted both feet firmly in the skater subculture, as well as the streetwear scene. Palace continues to mature as a clothing brand moving from only displaying its “Tri-Ferg” logo to a much larger variety of well-executed designs.

7. Fear of God x Pacsun

Jerry Lorenzo’s first ever collaboration touched down this season with Pacsun. This collaboration offers the great quality and look of Lorenzo’s project, Fear of God, but made it more openly available for people since the prices were lower.


Classic sportswear brand PUMA collaborated with A Bathing Ape, one of the most iconic and influential streetwear brands to ever exist, and gave us yet another memorable collection.

5. Supreme x The North Face

Legendary skateboarding brand Supreme is known for its iconic collaborations, and this season was no different. Supreme and The North Face teamed up once again to give us yet another set of killer pieces that were sought after by hype beasts throughout the world.

4. Off-White

Designer Virgil Abloh released his third season with the brand Off-White, a truly eye-catching collection. This release gave off a very nostalgic and rural vibe. Although different from his past work, it fit well together.

3. H&M x Balmain

High fashion house Balmain and H&M joined forces to give us one of the greatest collaborations in recent times. The collaboration gave us all the amazing quality offered by the house while giving people an opportunity to purchase them at much lower prices.

2. YEEZY Season 1

Rapper and designer Kanye West joined forces with Adidas to release his first and highly anticipated collection named YEEZY Season 1. This collection was a very contemporary take on basics as well as a pair of athletic shoes and duck boots.

1. Raf Simons

Raf Simons’ most recent collection was one that instantly caught the attention of many. Simons took the beauty of our youth and subtly incorporated it into our adulthood creating a beautiful contrast.

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