THE WORD: Have you ever littered and why?

Photos and interviews by D.R Williams on West Campus


Pg03-Word-Ashitari Perez

“When I was younger. I just never gave it a second thought.”

Ashitari Perez 

Major: Photography


Pg03-Word-Charles Loy

“I don’t litter. I pick up trash when I go hiking if I see it.¬†“

Charles Loy

Major: Arts and Entertainment


Pg03-Word-Jacqueline Garcia

“Never. I’ve always tried to pick trash up when I see it.”

Jacqueline Garcia

Major: Marine Biology


Pg03-Word-Lucia Hernandez

“I only throw out biodegradable things to help the soil.”

Lucia Hernandez

Major: Science


Pg03-Word-Todd McBride.

“Laziness. I didn’t want trash in the car and I wasn’t stopping

Todd McBride

Major: Web Design

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