Top 10: Wings on a platter


Hot wings have become significantly more popular in America over the years, with multiple restaurant chains dedicating  just to wings, as well as countless other restaurants hopping on the wing train as their popularity has gone up. Now almost anywhere you go to eat, they have some form of hot or buffalo wings on the menu. Here is a top ten list for hot wings in Tucson that you ought to try.

10. Famous Dave’s

If you happen to like good, rich tasting buffalo-style wings with your order of baby back ribs, then Famous Dave’s buffalo wings are for you.

Pg10-Top 10 Famous Daves wings

9. Wing Stop

Wing Stop is known for having a wide variety of wings, but the wings that make it into this top ten list are the Mango Habanero wings. They will lore you in with their sweet mango flavor, but will surprise you with their habanero kick.

Pg10-Top 10 WingStop Mango Habenero wings

8. Fox and Hound

The buffalo style wings served at The Fox and Hound, near the Foothills Mall, also make it into the top ten. With their unique buffalo flavor as well as their black pepper seasoning they are perfect for those who like the extra kick.
Pg10-Top 10 Fox and Hound wings

7. Dominoes

Next up on the top ten list are the hot wings served at Dominoes. With their unique hot flavor, as well as their unique textured skin, they are something everyone should try.

Pg10-Top 10 Dominoes Wings

6. Olé

One hasn’t truly tried every wing in Tucson until they’ve tried the elegant Honey Lime wings served at Olé Mexican grill at La Cholla and Orange Grove. Who would have thought a Mexican restaurant served wings?

Pg10-Top 10 Ole Wings

5. Chuy’s

The original hot wings served at Chuy’s Mesquite Broiler is also worth the try, with their especially hot and tangy flavor that will make your nose tingle.

Pg10-Top 10 Chuy's Wings


4. Pizza Hut

Next up on the list are the buffalo wings served at Pizza Hut. They give you three options from hot buffalo to mild buffalo. They all taste the same, but have different amounts of sting for your tongue’s personal preference.

Pg10-Top 10 Pizza Hut wings

3. Papa John’s 

Dominoes or Pizza Hut not for you? Not a problem. Papa John’s tasty buffalo wings also make it on the top ten list, with a sweet, rich buffalo flavor similar to that of the Famous Dave’s wings. Well worth a try.

Pg10-Top 10 Papa John's Wings

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

This list wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Buffalo Wild Wings and their medium flavored buffalo wings.

Pg10-Top 10 Buffalo Wild Wings

1.Taste of Texas

If you like spicy wings and live on the northwest end of Tucson, Taste of Texas is another place with good wings you should try. Their habanero wings make this top ten list, with their excessively spicy but sweet flavor basted on fried, crunchy-skinned drumsticks.

Pg10-Top 10 Taste of Texas Wings

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