Top 10: Revengence with cheese


Last semester we published an article about the top 10 drive-thru fast food burgers. Shortly thereafter, both readers and staff took issue with the results of the top 10, featuring Burger King at the number one spot. So we decided to go out and conduct the test again, going to different burger joints you can visit on your lunch break. With that in mind, a journalist, a culinary student and a professional photographer hit 10 fast food restaurants and ordered their signature burger. We rated them on appearance, texture and taste. Here are the results.

10. McDonald’s – Big Mac

The Big Mac was disappointing. Plain and simple, it tasted terrible and fell apart just by picking it up and really looked like a bun with lettuce.

Price: $3.99

Appearance: 3.66

Texture: 3

Taste: 4.33

Overall: 3.66


9. Carl’s Jr. – Famous Star

While it’s one of the cheaper burgers on the list, the Famous Star had a sweet bun and too many condiments, which didn’t help at all.

Price: $3.49

Appearance: 2

Texture: 3.66

Taste: 5.83

Overall: 3.83

Pg10-Carls Jr

8. Del Taco – Del Cheeseburger

A surprise in our eyes considering how good Del Taco usually is, this burger’s only advantage was the taste of the burger patty itself, which was very small.

Price: $2.29

Appearance: 3

Texture: 5

Taste: 5.83

Overall: 4.61

Pg10-Del Taco

7. Five Guys – Cheeseburger with everything

One of the bigger and tastier burgers, Five Guys had some great-tasting toppings and patty, but you might not have missed them considering the burger looked like a hot mess.

Price: $6.69

Appearance: 4.33

Texture: 3.83

Taste: 6.83

Overall: 5

Pg10-Five Guys

6. Burger King – Whopper with cheese

Considering that the BK Lounge was our number one spot last semester, seeing it in the lower half now really makes me wonder what miracle of a burger we got last time.

Price: $4.79

Appearance: 5.33

Texture: 5.66

Taste: 5.66

Overall: 5.55

Pg10-Burger King

5. Wendy’s – Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 1/4 Lb.

Always surprising, Wendy’s square burgers are pretty good, especially for the price, if not a bit high on the mustard content.

Price: $3.79

Appearance: 5

Texture: 6.33

Taste: 6.66

Overall: 6


4. Culver’s – Culver’s Deluxe

For a custard shop, Culver’s has some mighty fine burgers, even if it looks nothing like it does in the menu photo.

Price: $4.89

Appearance: 5

Texture: 7.33

Taste: 7.33

Overall: 6.55


3.  In-n-Out Burger- Double-Double

Another surprise, In-n-Out’s Double-Double oozes cheese and meat on a bun as the grease seeps through the wrapping. It’s a truly delicious staple of Americana.

Price: $3.50

Appearance: 5.5

Texture: 7.33

Taste: 7.16

Overall: 6.66

Pg10-In N Out

2. Freddy’s – Freddy’s Original Double

More toppings don’t always mean better burgers and Freddy’s was the prime example of this. With crispy edges to the burger and two slabs of pickle, this one really stood out from the crowd.

Price: $4.69

Appearance: 6.66

Texture: 7.33

Taste: 7.66

Overall: 7.21


1. Smashburger – Classic Smash

Whenever you need a burger, head out to Smash Burger and order whatever your heart desires. From boring to extravagant, you won’t be disappointed.

Price: $5.29

Appearance: 8

Texture: 7.5

Taste: 7.16

Overall: 7.55

Pg10-Smash Burger

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