THE WORD: What are you most ungrateful for this semester?

Tabby McCarty
“The fact that I still can’t make a career choice after three years of school.”

Tabby McCarty

Major: Undecided

"This cold weather lately. I'm not a fan cold, that's why I'm in Arizona"
“This cold weather lately. I’m not a fan cold, that’s why I’m in Arizona”

Luke Smith

Major: Business


Isabella Gomez
“The 29 exams I will have taken or still have to take this semester.”

Isabella Lopez

Major: Dental Assistant Education

Bakarie Wilks
“The chemistry class I have this semester, because I never took chemistry before and the class is online. So it’s a challenge.”

Bakarie Wilks

Major: Veterinary Science

Quinn Hoenig
“Guests who come over and use a dish and they don’t wash it. Washing a dish is just an easy thing to do.”

Quinn Hoenig

Major: Hydrology


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