Letters to the Editor

Disappointed by content

As a Pima student, I am disappointed in the content of your paper. The articles always seem to be left leaning. I have spoken with several students on my own and we have realized that it seems you are trying to push a certain agenda on the students by not including opposing views in the paper. We understand all media outlets tend to be biased and this one seems no different then expected. But as adults we would like to see this paper take a hard look at its content and try to include all thoughts and ideas representative of both sides of the population.

-Jason Khalaf, PCC student


Violence awareness display

On behalf of the Old Pueblo chapter of Zonta International, we wish to thank the administration and students of Pima Community College West Campus for their involvement in our display of shoes, from Oct. 28-30, to focus on victims of domestic violence.

We know that many on campus took the time to read the information and to acknowledge the victims whose names were attached to the shoes on display.

Some even took the extra time to write responses in the notebook we had next to the display.

Many wrote something like the following:

“Very powerful way to bring awareness to this sad fact.  A grim sense of the scale, the children’s shoes especially.”

Several survivors of domestic violence also responded.  One or them wrote:

“I am a survivor of domestic violence and can’t believe how many people actually lost their life to this.  I am grateful that my children and I are alive… I pray for the ones that are currently in these situations… that they may be seen… and find the support they need.”

That awareness of the need for support was echoed by others.  The last quote in the notebook poses some important questions that we all need to consider:

“It’s now early morning.  Not many people here.  I’m reading the info on these shoes for the first time.  Real people—dying at all different ages due to violent relations?!  Ages 3 days, 2 years, 61 years, etc.  Unrelentingly sad!”

“What types of activities can people get involved in so they learn how to become non-violent, or to move away from violence? What therapy can a bad person receive?  How can a victim learn how to become healthy enough to leave?  How can they heal?”

We at Zonta appreciate the time everyone took to look at and respond to the display.  We share the concerns expressed and hope that all will consider how to address the questions posed.

One place to start is Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse, emergecenter.org or 795-8001.

Again, we give our sincere thanks to the PCC West community for your interest and response.

-Katherine Conover, on behalf of the members of  Old Pueblo Chapter of Zonta International

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