Trump only succeeds in entertaining


For quite a few months now, it has been difficult to avoid all of the attention that presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been getting.

Both before and after the recent Republican debate, he has continued to fly high in the poll ratings.

Many, especially those who support his campaign, would claim that his recent success is due to his willingness to be politically incorrect and speak whatever is on his mind, as well as the fact that he is not actually a politician.

However, I take issue with all of these claims.

First of all, I see little else behind his high ratings in the polls besides the fact that he has provided a significant degree of something which no other presidential candidate has been able to do in a long time: provide entertainment.

I ultimately use that term because it really seems to be the best thing that comes out of all of the exceptional drama that he has caused in the political sphere.

Not to say that the political sphere has lacked drama, but simply that, unlike any other recent candidate, Trump has been able to connect with the people in a much deeper way via his blunt and off-script remarks that create entertainment.

Going on a similar note, I believe people are making a huge flat-out mistake when they view Trump as the model hero against the tyranny of political correctness.

While I am no fan of political correctness whatsoever, I do realize that one does not have to be a jerk in order to not be politically correct.

Nobody seems to realize that there can be, and is, plenty of room between the extremities of political correctness and crass jerkishness. One can still be polite and classy, even when speaking the hard truths and whatever is on his or her mind.

Trump, by contrast, has no issue simply being a jerk whenever he feels like it.

There is definitely plenty more to be said on Donald Trump, but I’ll leave it at that. Besides, he’s already been getting too much attention in my humble opinion.

Kezer is a political science major and an advocate for personal liberty. His dream is to be a high-ranking political journalist, covering topics like the elections. 

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