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It’s Thursday night; you and your friends are going out to see a midnight release of some indie film at The Loft. Before the flick, you’re all hungry for great food, but since you’re also college intellectuals, you want some mentally stimulating conversation.

No worries, fellow intellectual college student, there’s a place just for you and it’s called Native Grill and Wings.

Native is a restaurant located at Speedway Boulevard and Country Club Road, so it’s pretty easy to get to from anywhere in town. Its doors are open 11 a.m. to midnight from Sunday to Thursday, and they close at 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The restaurant is run by an incredibly friendly staff. On my visit, our waiter was attentive to our group of eight and kept everyone’s drinks filled. I never saw an empty glass for more than two minutes.

A place with wings in their title usually has to have pretty good ones, and thankfully, Native has their wings down pact. There are over 10 flavors, between Honey Hot, which is what I ordered, Spicy Honey Mustard and the most terrifying option on the list, The Ghost.

They also have several dry rub options as well, such as Asiago Parmesean and Lemon Pepper.

Prices for the wings are more than reasonable, as $10 gets you a pound of wings.

Its not just wings at Native though, they also have burgers, pizza, salad, sandwiches and desserts, all for affordable prices.

The rest of the menu is what you would expect a bar and grill menu to look like, delicious, but the food is just the appetizer to the main course, Thursday Trivia Night.

My friend had been telling me about it for weeks, he and some of his coworkers went every Thursday after work.

He explained that it was just standard trivia, but when we walked in and got started, it felt like something more.

Trivia starts at 9 p.m. and that is when the night really begins. You and your team are handed a sheet of paper to write down the questions announced over the loud speaker.

You can make up any team name you want and your team is capped out at 10 members.

Having multiple people is a double-edged sword however, as each team can only submit one answer per question. So you have to agree on an answer as a team within the time limit, which is the duration of a random song.

The point system is based around teams assigning point values to each submitted answer. You can chose to make an answer worth one, three or five points, however, you can only use one point value per every set of three questions.

There are six sets of questions, one halftime question and a final question where you can wager up to 15 of your points, but if you answer incorrectly, you lose the amount of points you bet.

Sound interesting yet?

Far from another typical trivia night, they offer something unique for participants. When it comes to topics, they have everything.

When I went, we were asked questions about Forrest Gump, horse racing generations, geography, historical figures, cartoons and everything in between.

The fun of it all is trying to figure out the answers without the use of your phone. It’s nice to have a group of people who have a wide range of hobbies and fascinations, because whatever you don’t know, chances are, someone on your team might.

When the hostess announces the answers, the restaurant usually cheers, groans, or sometimes it’s a mixture of both, depending on what team answered correctly.

If you’re looking to win something for your mental prowess, Native has you covered.

The top three teams earn in-house credit they can use on their bills, with first place receiving $20, second $10 and third $5. Even if your team blows it and gets last place, you get a complementary dessert, to split with the rest of your team of course.

With all the usuals participating, teams will stick with the same name each time they return, earning a reputation with other returning teams.

Overall, both staff and regular customers at Native are very friendly to newcomers, like myself, making it a nice place for me and my friends to chill out on Thursday nights and get the brain juices flowing.

If you’ve never been to Native, take a Thursday, some of your friends and head out for some real competitive fun.

And hey, you could always get that dessert.

Alex Fruechtenicht/Aztec Press Grabbing a couple of drinks, friends and brainpower equates to an awesome Thursday night trivia at Native.
Grabbing a couple of drinks, friends and brainpower equates to an awesome Thursday night trivia at Native. (Alex Fruechtenicht/Aztec Press)


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