Experience: the best teacher

Experiences are the most important part of life.

Through experiences, whether they’re good or bad ones, we gain a sense of direction in life, all while creating lasting memories.
These moments of clarity, excitement and pain paint a picture of our life.

We learn about the person we see in the mirror each day and about the person we hope to eventually become. We realize through the ups and downs of life what defines us.

We must learn through these experiences what it is that we want out of life. Not only are we learning about ourselves but we are creating something that is worth talking about in our future.

Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” I find that experiences are the most beautiful parts of life.
People always say that money creates happiness but I think that it’s the experiences of life that create happiness.

It’s these simple things in life, such as experiencing a new city, meeting new people or picking up a new hobby that we so often take for granted.

It’s a simple task to do something out of our comfort zone. If we continue to make these small steps outside of our box, we’ll realize there is a whole world out there just waiting to teach us something new.

Experiences are beautiful, they’re life­changing moments and we need to learn to embrace them. I’m not one to use the term, “YOLO” but the definition of the word is quite true because we do only live once. Why not make it an awesome ride?

Every day isn’t going to be sunshine and roses but every day is an experience. If we take the good with the bad, we’ll realize that both sides of the equation depend on one another to bring a lifetime of beauty and learning.

Knutzen loves seeing new places, meeting new people and learning through the ups and downs of life.

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