Road Running pizza fresh, made to order


When you crave pizza, you usually think to call up the closest Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. After eating at Road Running Wood Fired Pizza, you won’t be doing that again.

Each order starts with choosing your toppings, or a specialty pizza, like the Chicken Pesto or Hawaiian pizza.

Your order is made fresh right in front of you as the dough for your pizza is flattened out, topped with your cheese, meats and veggies and thrown right into the back of the mobile wood fired pizza oven.

After a few minutes of baking, the cheese has just begun to bubble into a sticky glue to hold your generous toppings onto the thin-crust pizza. It is pulled out, slapped on a plate and handed to you.

I ordered a pizza with ham and pineapple and they did not skimp on the toppings. The pineapple chunks were fresh and juicy, while the ham was cut in long strips that lined the full diameter of the pizza.

The personal pizzas range from $7 to $10 and are a little bigger than a paper plate, so you really get your money’s worth out of this mobile pizzeria.

Pg03-Food Truck
Owner Chip Augello slices and dices a fresh pizza, right out of the portable wood fired oven. (Alex Fruechtenicht/ Aztec Press)


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