From the Editor: Newsroom becomes our family


For many of us, family is a high pillar of life. It stands right next to other basic needs like food, water, home, work and socialization.

There are dozens of analogies and phrases based on the value of the family unit and what really defines a family member. “Home is where the heart is.” “You can’t choose your family.”

In some ways, that’s correct. We can’t choose our family but throughout our grand adventure of self-discovery and community, family members we never knew existed come to us in the form of friends.

My father once told me, about falling in love, that you will just know when you meet that special person. I told him that sounds terrifying. I can’t seriously believe that one day a magical and overpowering sense of love will just overtake me.

Apply that “love at first sight” theory to friends, however, and I have felt that knowing sense quite often.

There are many words that could describe the reporters and editors of the Aztec Press. Eclectic, zany, driven, opinionated or special could all cover it. But family is the word that best describes us as a group.

Some of us have grown up together over a few semesters, like siblings teaching each other about the world. Just like I promise to protect and care for my parents, I vow that to my colleagues in the newsroom.

We are an interesting mix of people, different personalities that might have never become a family had it not been for this student newspaper experience.

I can’t directly speak for any of our talented writers, but I can say with full sincerity that my life would not be the same if they hadn’t come into my heart.

I didn’t choose this family, but we all made the choice to open our hearts and lives to one another. The forming of love happened fast, and it’s a nurturing, teaching and welcoming space.

I have felt that comradery from the very beginning, but one of our students really made me think about its importance.

Four of us recently spoke to a Journalism 101 class about why the students should consider signing up for Aztec Press. One of our first-semester reporters, Kit Fassler, stepped forward and talked about how she once sat right where they were sitting now.

She smiled, looked back at us and said, “They are my family now. We would love you to be part of our family.”

Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there to your peers. The friends you make at Pima Community College could change your life.

Enjoy the issue. Consider it one of our many family albums that we have to share with you because we love it so much.

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