Athletic Voice: Fans are athletes too


We can’t all be super athletes, with six-pack abs and arms of steel, getting paid the big bucks to play a beloved game of ball.

However, we can all be fans – with our six packs of beer, piles of nachos and hot dogs for days, rowdy people surrounding us to cheer on our favorite teams on the big screen.

Watching sports should be considered a sport of its own. It’s not just a matter of sitting down and watching a television screen. It takes time, dedication and commitment to spend an entire day fully engaged in your team’s game.

Not only have we dedicated a full day but we play  the game of waiting nearly a half year just to begin our beloved sport of watching sports. It may not be two-a-days or intense training but we must endure through the boredom of off season.

Before we know it though, the boredom disappears, with the return of our favorite time of the year,  ticking away on the scoreboard. It’s gameday!

There’s just something so awesome about preparing for that big day; the excitement, the anticipation, the yearning. The hope that your team takes the win and of course, the game day food.

Before the game even begins your choice of outfit is crucial. If you’re not wearing enough team logos, or the same pair of socks you wore the last time your team won than bad, unspeakable, things could happen..

Game day food and drink is reason enough to show up for a game. When you know the best chips and salsa are waiting, to be nicely stacked next to your mouthwatering cheese burger, than even the season’s biggest loss can still be a win for your appetite.

All these things are exciting and all, but its your friends that make everything better. When you’re surrounded by people screaming for the same colored jersey, it doesn’t take more than a single glance around the room to realize that this is your team and you’re all here playing the same sport.

As a fan, you must understand that there will be good times and bad times. Tears will be dropped, hearts will be broken and beers might even get spilled. But even through the emotions and losses, there’s no turning back. You’re a fan for life.

So even if we can’t all be blessed with the athletic bone, at least know this: We can all come together, with our best friends, to play our favorite sport of eating, yelling and enjoying the camaraderie that comes with watching our teams play.

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