Astrophysicist talk ‘over the moon’


Pima Community College’s East Campus welcomed astrophysicist Cameron Hummels for the second installment of its “Astronomy for All” series on March 26.

Hummels, who received his doctorate from the University of Arizona in astronomy, gave a lecture, “The Moon: Formation, Exploration and Habitation.”

His talk covered manned journeys to the celestial satellite, the space race against the former Soviet Union and the possibility of humans taking yet another giant leap within the next decade.

“The moon used to be a source of national pride,” Hummels said. “Then one day the president, the congressmen and the taxpayer decided it was too expensive.”

Those in attendance had a chance to ask Hummels questions, and were invited to the campus observatory for a closer look at the moon and at Jupiter.

Jupitor’s moon, Io, caused an occultation, an event that occurs when a celestial object is hidden by another object.

The “Astronomy for All” series concludes April 29 with a presentation by Karin Sandstrom, Ph.D, from the UA Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory. She will discuss interstellar dust in a lecture titled “Our Dusty Universe.

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