Travel promotes learning


We tend to get caught up in a world encompassed by cellphone screens, directing all of our attention toward the latest social media drama.

If we took a moment to look around, we would realize there’s so much to see and experience in life beyond what’s in front of us.

Traveling is the most beneficial way to spend your time and money. With so many different places in the world, I constantly wonder why more people don’t travel.

Not only do you get to experience different cultures, lifestyles and ways of life, you get a chance to step beyond the bright screens of technology and into an adventure far more exhilarating than any Tweet.

There is something so incredibly breathtaking and majestic about being immersed in a place where nothing is familiar. With every blink of the eye, something new presents itself.

I firmly believe that traveling can only benefit your life in an utmost and positive way. It gives you the chance to gain a new and positive perspective on life, all while recharging your batteries.

If more people took time to travel beyond their familiarities, life would be a less stressful place filled with peace, knowledge and understanding of others. Even the briefest moment spent in someone else’s shoes can truly open your eyes to a lifetime of experiences.

TLC’s popular ‘90s song said, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and streams that you’re used to.”

I think you should chase those waterfalls. Go beyond the rivers and streams of your life. If you keep your feet in one place forever, you’ll never truly experience the many wonders life has to offer.

Anyone who knows me realizes I’ve never been good at keeping my feet on the ground. When I look around, I can’t help but think about the endless possibilities of places that need to be seen.

I crave what I don’t know and what I haven’t seen, and have an unshakable desire to be introduced to people I have never met.

For me, traveling is the key to opening these kinds of doors and I will always chase the waterfalls of my life. There are far too many mountains that need to be climbed, oceans that need to be swam in and unpaved roads that need footprints.

Traveling is my drug.

Given the chance, I would never think twice about overdosing.

Knutzen hopes everyone gets a chance to travel to all corners of the world, without a thought or worry about anything other than what’s around them.

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