Picacho Peak Civil War Re-enactment

Every March, hundreds of families travel to the base of Picacho Peak to watch more than 200 re-enactors provide live, historically accurate accounts of the western-most battles of the Civil War. Popular among enthusiasts, adults and children alike, the booming cannons and occasionally hilarious portrayals of battles are both entertaining and educational. In between re-enactments, families are encouraged to explore the Confederate and Union camps and talk with re-enactors as they experience an authentic Civil War experience. Unique shops open their tent flaps to sell Civil War-style memorabilia and gifts.


Pg12-Civ War 3
Re-enactment enthusiasts fire a replica cannon during the mock battle of Glorieta Pass. Cannons are donated and maintained by organizations dedicated to the history of the Civil War, such as the Arizona Civil War Council. (Aztec Press/ Nick Meyers)
Pg12-Civ War 4
Re-enactor Walt Nichols takes a puff from his pipe in-between battles. Nichols played the role of Cpt. Alexander McRae in the Battle of Valverde. (Aztec Press/ Nick Meyers)
Pg12-Civ War 1
A Confederate fighter reloads his rifle in the face of approaching Union soldiers during the re-enactment of the Battle of Glorieta Pass at Pichaco Peak State Park on March 21. (Aztec Press/ Nick Meyers)
Pg12-Civ War 2
A wounded member of the Union forces uses his bayonet after being injured to move himself from a field of casualties. Re-enactors are enthusiasts who try to display an accurate portrayal of what battles may have actually been like. (Aztec Press/ Nick Meyers)

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