Hip-hop lyrics have lost meaning


In today’s world, we can access a vast  variety of music. With the click of a button, we can choose country, rock, pop, classical, dubstep or someone just banging on drums in his basement.

However, the juggernauts of the music business remain rap and hip-hop.

If you’re at a club, switching stations in your car or even listening to the speakers on the 2001 Impala next to you, you’re likely to hear some kind of hip-hop.

Hip-hop has dominated the music industry since 1986 and will continue doing so for decades to come. But would it be safe to say current hip-hop is the worst the genre has ever produced?

The problem: The songs have no real meaning. Most hip-hop songs say little more than: I have so much money, I have so many drugs, I have so many “bitches.”

There isn’t anything wrong with a few songs like this, but it gets tiring when the industry is littered with them.

In the majority of past songs, the artists talked about how they struggled to get all those things they brag about.

Nowadays, there isn’t any struggle.

The lyrics make artists sound one-note and spoiled. It gives zero personality to their work and makes them just another face in the crowd.

It’s not a positive note if the main artist making songs about struggle is someone who grew up with a backyard pool and a dad who worked in the music industry.

Billboards.com uses hits, not quality, to compile its top-40 songs of the week. We speak with our wallets.

If these kind of songs keep littering the list every week, we’re saying this is what we want. We’re also saying this is the best the genre has to offer.

Let’s start saying something else.

Dicochea says that when dolphins decide to take over the world in a few years, don’t say he didn’t warn you.

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