FIRST BITE Burger wrapped in ramen


Fat Noodle, one of the food trucks in rotation at Pima Community College campuses, offers savory ramen with fresh vegetables and a locally-raised beef burger with unique flair.

It offers several options of ramen noodle dishes and the burger has a bun made of ramen. The noodles are made fresh in the food truck.

The basic noodle dish is the Noodle-Stir, for $6. The various vegetables that make up the Fat Slaw—fresh chives, purple cabbage, shredded carrot and lettuce—are crunchy and flavorful. This not-so-simple ramen also contains the special Fat Sauce and Dashi.

The Ramen #2, also $6, is basically the Noodle-Stir combined with a chicken-and-pork-based 10 Hour Broth.

The House Ramen, for $9, is the works. You get pickled shiitakes, local eggs, honey sesame pork and all the goods from the other noodle dishes.

You can add honey sesame pork, local fried eggs or double noodles on any of the ramen dishes for a few extra dollars. The dishes have enough food to be filling but not too much to finish the last little bit of slaw on the end of your chop-stick.

The Ramen Burger, which costs $8, is touted on the side of the food truck with the phrase “Home of the Ramen Burger.” Once you see the burger, it is no surprise that the bun is made with the home-made noodles. The ramen, compressed into a bun shape, stick out of the bun errantly here and there.

The burger comes with plenty of tomatoes and butter leaf lettuce and is topped off with a Sriracha ginger mayo and hoisin sauce. All the vegetables and meat in it are locally produced.

To try Fat Noodle, just look for the purple truck with a cartoon pig on it. He’s got a bowl on his head and is sucking down noodles—presumably the pork-free option.

Pg03-Noodle truck back
Students gather at Pima Community College’s unique noodle-dish food truck called the Fat Noodle. (Aztec Press photos by Danyelle Khmara)


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