Valentine’s Day rules

When mid-February rolls around, we can divide people into two groups: those who like Valentine’s Day and those who don’t. Many people fall into the not-so-keen group, but not me.

I agree with those who say the day is just another worthless holiday in the grand scheme of things. However, Valentine’s Day is still important to me.

My girlfriend and I have been together for four years and couldn’t be happier. While I concur that you shouldn’t need an excuse to get a gift for someone you love, it sure as hell doesn’t hurt to get them one for the occasion.

Now you might be thinking, “Oh, that’s so materialistic.” You’d be right if you are thinking of just going out and buying a gift. But you can do so many other things as far as gift giving.

I’m a poor college kid and can’t buy my girlfriend many physical gifts. Thankfully, I’ve got many things I can do for her instead.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Make their favorite or pre-recommended dish for dinner, with some music playing and candles lit in the background. You can write a card and dance with them to smooth jazz in your living room.

So what does all that equate to when I say I like Valentine’s Day? Easy, it gives me an excuse to have a romantic night with the girl I love.

If you’re in a relationship with someone you really care about, you already know.

If you’re single or in a crappy relationship or just flat-out don’t like Valentine’s Day, then that’s completely your opinion.

But, I know first-hand how romance can make the day better for the one you love.

Isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Fruechtenicht, an avid gamer and prolific lover, has collected enough heart pieces in “The Legend of Zelda” to increase his overall life energy.

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Aztec Press by Larry Gaurano

Singles ruin the holiday


Happy couples aren’t the problem on Valentine’s Day. It’s all the single people who ruin it.

When Beyoncé tells all the single ladies to put their hands up, I do what she says. But, while we keep our hands in the air 364 days of the year, there is one day when Beyoncé’s advice is no longer wise.

Single Awareness Day, also referred to as Valentine’s Day, is a day filled with so much negativity and gloom that I should grab a knife just to cut some sunshine through.

We get it, you’re single. But why does it need to be so brutally apparent on this day?

Stop ruining a beautiful day just because you’re surrounded by cheesy couples going on dates and feeding each other chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Yes, that sounds delicious but I guarantee any store will still sell them to you, even if you are single and only have plans to feed them to yourself and your cat.

There’s so much social and personal pressure to have a valentine. We accept the idea that we’re socially unacceptable unless we can share an overly priced dinner and swap Hallmark gifts.

I think that idea is rather ridiculous.

We should learn to embrace every aspect of our lives, even if they’re not quite chick-flick approved.

Maybe it is a day dedicated to couples and love but if you look past all of that, you’ll realize that Beyoncé’s song is still playing on the radio and candy will be 50 percent off the next day.

What’s not to love about that?

So put those hands back up in the air, damn it, and wave them like you just don’t care about Valentine’s Day.

You’re single and free. Embrace it.

Knutzen wants you stop moping because you don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with. Spend time instead having fun with your friends.

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