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The world is getting smaller and social media made it so.

We hear news of wars almost daily, and know what’s happening across the continents within seconds. World leaders convene to plan how to stop terrorism that threatens peace and stability.

American people are getting tired of war. Sending boots on the ground becomes an illusion. It’s a short-term strategy with short-term results.

In January, world leaders attended the World Economic Forum held in Switzerland. One speaker was U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who laid out issues we need to confront.

“We can’t shy away from reality,” Kerry said. “There is a potential threat everywhere. It has to be stopped.”

Commitment to a long-term plan is needed to eradicate threats, Kerry told the audience. He emphasized that the bottom line is getting everyone involved.

“We can’t rely on government resources alone,” Kerry said. “We need non-government organizations, foundations, corporations, philanthropists, faith-based organizations and private sectors.”

What should we do as citizens of the world?

How do we conquer fears, uncertainties and a bleak future as we try to live a normal life? How do we get involved in the community? How do we restore hope to victims of injustice? How do we confront poverty? How do we eradicate diseases and eliminate ignorance?

To be a part of the solution, we first need leadership training. It’s good to know that Pima Community College Student Life offers a Leadership Training Program. Young people, adults and even retirees coming back to school can sign up to participate.

An AZTEC Gold Program offers advanced training. Participants are assigned to make a small difference in some aspect of the community. They diagnose the symptoms and get to the root of the problem, find the need and work on social change.

These emerging leaders will be trained to treat people fairly and address issues of concern. They are the future builders of our community, our nation and the world.

I see a glimmer of hope. We can’t give up. Peace can be reached and it has to start from you and me.

Let’s be mindful. Sometimes we pass each other but we don’t see each other. Let’s fill in the vacuum. Where there’s desperation, we intervene. This is our challenge. We can’t give up.

Where there’s a need, we come in and make the situation better than before. That’s how we help fix and repair the world.

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Kit B. Fassler


Fassler believes there’s always a solution to every problem. We just need the right tools.  Education and continuing leadership training are some of the best tools to realize a vision and make the world a better place to live

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