From the Editor: Speak out about changes at PCC


The start of the new semester brought at least one big surprise: the disappearance of Sodexo cafeterias from Pima Community College campuses.

Last issue we ran the story “So long Sodexo! Cafeteria changes vendors” in which our reporter outlined PCC’s reasoning behind making the switch.

I have heard from many of you about your disappointment over losing readily accessible nutrition and freshly prepared food to an untested system of local food trucks and convenience store-style service.

Vice Chancellor David Bea referred to the new contract as having a “positive impact on the budget” during a recent governing board meeting. Due to ongoing state budget cuts and decreased enrollment, it isn’t surprising that the college is looking for ways to save money.

Pima has contracted Follett to provide food services for the next five years, so there is not much to be done about the current situation. The college is accepting comment, but there is little they can do beyond hear your voice.

For those of you who are disappointed with the new food service, the disappearance of winter classes and possible cuts to summer classes, let this serve as a wake-up call. Get involved with student government; let your concerns be heard.

The new La Pima initiative is another great way to voice your opinion on the services the college offers you, the students and employees of Pima.

For now, PCC has contracted with local food trucks to provide meals and snacks during tentative lunch hours. However, a limited schedule, selection and price options may make that opportunity less accessible than prepared food on campus.

Like many of you, I am skeptical about the college’s decision. I question whether students will get the foods and nutrition they need in order to remain alert and ready to learn, which is the college’s ultimate purpose.

Consider alternative options to take care of yourself, even if the lack of hot and healthy food at school makes it more difficult. But more importantly, don’t regress into quiet disapproval.

Though the administration has a slew of issues to handle, our voices can and should be heard.

Speak up, get involved and have a say in your future and the future of Pima.

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3 thoughts on “From the Editor: Speak out about changes at PCC

  1. I do not believe that students at PCC had input in the decision making of the cafeteria’s fate. Some people do not have time to pack a lunch before school and are at school all day with cold packaged freezer food. I believe students should have had a word in the decision since we are the main users.

  2. Since the mission of PCC is to develop the community through learning, I agree that tax payer dollars should concentrate on educational services. PACK. A. LUNCH.

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